Since I began working with clay in 2008, I have been captivated by its inherent quality as a strong substance, extracted from the very earth beneath our feet, so that the potter is solidly grounded while manipulating the material. Simultaneously, ceramics are also fragile, and working with clay can be a very delicate process. My work is informed by this duality, combined with a relationship to the natural world. My porcelain pieces draw inspiration from delicate lines and structures observed in nature including roots, tree branches, feathers, seed pods, and various species of mushroom. Additionally, I create functional stoneware pottery that unites contemporary, minimalist design with traditional style. I am thrilled by clean lines and simple forms which allow the beauty of the clay to be prominent. I leave my pots partially unglazed to expose the contrast of colorful and creamy glazes against the rich, bare clay body. I delight in the experience of being connected to the earth as I work, and I want to leave a bit of that experience for the user. Pottery is a celebration of the earth, of beauty, and of ritual in our daily lives. My line of work includes mugs, bowls, serving dishes, hanging planters and more-- all thoughtfully designed to merge utility and aesthetic in the home.

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